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Penny Pang
Full-time UX/UI Designer, Part-time online entrepreneur, Casual food blogger and innovation advocate

Let’s get straight to the point, there is a huge demand out there for Designers at a Tech company (like Atlassian, Google, Canva, Facebook and so on…) or Start-ups. When looking at job advertisements, Tech companies are constantly hiring and offering a very competitive salary package with amazing benefits like free food and fun office. Similarly to Start-ups, there are always cool new ventures popping up looking for their first product design hire.

But what about Consulting?

In the world of Consulting, you may be thinking of companies like the Big 4 (Deloitte, PWC, KPMG and EY) or the Big…

Me acting like I’m working

Back in the days, User experience design / User interface design (known as UX/UI) wasn’t a common job title, let alone explaining to my family what I actually do. Today, there’s been an increase of interest to get into the field and become a UX/UI Designer. To be honest, I think I have the best job in the world. I am a huge advocate for anyone who wants to break into the industry. I have invested a tremendous amount of time to mentor aspiring designers and pop that fantasy bubble with a harsh reality.

It surprises me that even high…

My portfolio

A portfolio is a platform to showcase your work and does not limit to just designers. This blog is for anyone who wants to create a showcasing website whether it be a design, photography portfolio, freelancing business or even your CV. However, as a UX/UI designer, I will be using UX/UI design as an example for the purpose of this blog.

In this blog, I will show you a step-by-step guide in designing how you want your portfolio to look, some website templates for inspiration and how to host and get a domain for your website for free using GitHub…

You’re here because you’re probably getting started on iOS app development (like me). Xcode is a software used to develop macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Things to consider before downloading

  1. Check that you have enough storage (minimum storage should be 25–30 GB)
  2. Check that your operating system is updated to the latest version. Ideally you should be running iOS 10 or above.
  3. Don’t download the beta version of Xcode. Beta software is meant to testing and will contain bugs.
  4. Make sure you have a good network connection because downloading can take between 30mins — 2 hours


Head over to app store on your computer…


  1. Choose a font family (preferably one that has weight family)
  2. Start with a standard font size (commonly use 16px for body text)
  3. Adjust line height 130%-180% for readability
  4. Define a scale (Common scales for type are 1.250x,1.414x, 1.5x, 1.618x)
  5. Use for variety of scale

Grid System

  • Common grid is 12 column grid, margin 70, gutter 20. Keep it to scale so you can scale to different screen
  • Add another grid row (like 8 grid system) on top of the column grid to know the spacing (optional)
  • Make sure everything is divisible by 8 (in Figma, you can adjust the nudge value…

The reality of running an online t-shirt business- alone
The reality of running an online t-shirt business- alone

Another online t-shirt business? Not again... Knowing that the market is extremely saturated, I found a gap in pocket t-shirts market to be fun, meaningful and long-lasting. So I had a mission to collect all the happy moments using ‘pocket’ where people can always remember what truly makes them happy… because happiness doesn’t last long. Here’s a story behind Pocketi’s success and also the mental side effect that comes with it.

Living the dream

In December 2019, Pocketi was born starting out with the Guilty Pleasure Collection to collect yummy happy moments like donut, hamburger and ice cream. We had a signature Pocketi…

Following with the previous blog post on how to get the time, convert it to AEST time and using the diff to identify how many minutes left till the train comes, we want to have a count down according to the local time change so that we know when the train is coming.

I didn’t want to constantly keep calling the API since I have a limit of 60,000 hits. So we’re going to use if statement, set a constant -1 for the countdown and re-set the state every time for new countdown.

We had the countdown state that…

The API was working, the geolocation was working, the web app was outputting the data to know what stops to catch the bus from and where the stops are. Huge problem though was that I did not know when the bus will be coming? (Essentially the whole point of the app)

The app was meant to give a one click solution to inform the transport mode is coming in. The only problem was that the output of the time was in UTC.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I managed to code the API function with all the parameters separately. In my App.js file, I would have all my API call and render.

Here is my API function

This is all the parameters from the trip API being called in const api_call = "trip" and for the parameters name_origin this is where we pass in the user’s geolocation coordinates latitude and longitude in EPSG:4326 format.

Getting user geolocation

In the previous blog, I went through how to get the user’s geolocation with Geolocation MDN function

latlng will return all the coordinates and…

I needed to get the coordinates of the user so I was recommended to use MDN Geolocation API that gets me the coordinates of where I am from my server.

It is actually very simple but I will be coding it in React.js so there’s a little change in the code from the MDN doc.

Within the Class Component write a method getGeolocation() .Within the function, we want to know if the browser supports this geolocation API or not. We are going to do that we are going to write an if state

How to return coordinates?

From the MDN doc, you can…

Penny Pang

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