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Penny Pang
Full-time UX/UI Designer, Part-time online entrepreneur, Casual food blogger and innovation advocate

Common mistakes

Me acting like I’m working

My portfolio

Things to consider before downloading

  1. Check that you have enough storage (minimum storage should be 25–30 GB)
  2. Check that your operating system is updated to the latest version. …


  1. Choose a font family (preferably one that has weight family)
  2. Start with a standard font size (commonly use 16px for body text)
  3. Adjust line height 130%-180% for readability
  4. Define a scale (Common scales for type are 1.250x,1.414x, 1.5x, 1.618x)
  5. Use for variety of scale

Grid System

  • Common grid is 12 column…

The reality of running an online t-shirt business- alone

Penny Pang

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